Friday, July 17, 2009

So what's Molten Lava again?

Molten Lava was created out of the love for good food, food that makes you happy. This idea was sparked by a craving for the oh-so-yummy churros sold in Disneyland (happy food from the happiest place on Earth). Then, we took the idea further and cooked up delicious snacks from around the globe, fused them with our favourite local flavours and voila, our menu was born!

Designed to appeal to practically anybody, our quirky menu ranges from the humble home-baked chicken pie to churros with sambal ikan bilis for the more adventurous. We are proud to be Malaysia’s first churros outlet and are regularly cooking up new “delicious-snacks-that-can’t-be-found-in-KL”, such as our latest product, the Funnel Cake.

But why ‘Molten Lava’? Well, the name originates from our signature lavas, a range of sauces served steaming hot on churros, toast, roti paratha or glutinous rice. Our lavas are inspired by the Thai-style sangkayah and come in a variety of flavours such as pandan, taro, banana, durian (most popular) and many more.

All Molten Lava products are freshly made on-site daily and are free of preservatives. We serve both eat-in and take-away, so everyone can get their dose of happy food regardless of their schedules.